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Jill Williamson | Where Adventure Comes to Life


Jill Williamson on January 27, 2012

xulonThe giants were the first outsiders to discover Er’Rets. They settled in the Nahar forest and did not feel the desire to spread throughout the land. The first giants worshipped Dendron, the god of nature and refuse to kill any plant life. The do eat fruits and vegetables, but only when they fall from the tree or vine naturally. The city of Xulon is built of stone.

The giants did their best to keep out of The Great War. When Cheremians set fire to Nahar forest, the giants could no longer stay neutral. It was after the great war that many giants joined the Kingsguard and Xulon started participating in Armonguard court. When Darkness came, the giants who lived on the western side of Nahar Forest, migrated east toward Xulon. Their cultures instantly clashed. A civil war erupted and lasted two years. The giants from the western Nahar Forest went back into Darkness and became known as Ebens. The giants of Xulon became known as the Yashan. Over time, the hatred has only grown between the two tribes.

Their banner is a stag on a diamond checked background of lime and forest green.

Sir Caelan mi Dromos, Lord of Xulon
      -his wife, Lady Kiksa, of Berland
      -their children:
            -Lady Yulessa, wed to Donediff Hadar
            -Zoea, a girl of eleven
            -Xylene, a girl of seven
      -his younger twin brothers, Chenzu and Chaz
      -his household
            -Ez, steward
            -Rapha Gibbor, Captain of the Guard
            -Sum mi Dober, Marad soldier
                  -his children:
                        -Po, a boy of eight
                        -Nina, a girl of six

      -the Marad:
            – Tizo mi Mach
            – Domi mi Rebol
            – Gennao mi Waul
            – Ewan mi Pech

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