zamarThe village of Zamar sits where the River Daq meets the Gulf of Mayim. It is one of the oldest cities in Er’Rets. A Poroo settlement, Zamar existed before King Echad came to the land. Having aligned themselves with Câan during The Great War, the people of Zamar held fast when Darkness came and did not fall into madness. Zamar is the only civilized Poroo settlement in Er’Rets. Zamar does not participate at court, but they are a friendly trading town.

Their blazon is a conch on a diagonally striped tan and teal background.

Rajpal, Quarcâan of Zamar
      -his wife, Beena
      -their children:
            -Vatish, a boy of fourteen, heir to Zamar
            -Calveer, a boy of nine
            -Uma, a girl of seven

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