Zerah Rock


Well into the reign of King Granton II, Caber Amal was Duke of Carm. He had twin sons: Fandel and Vintner. Vintner, the younger twin, was his father’s favorite, excelling at the sword at a young age. Fandel was far more interested in learning foreign languages and writing. He spent his time reading historic scrolls and penning his own. When they boys came of age, Duke Amal announced that Vintner was to succeed him, enraging Fandel. The elder twin left Carmine and settled at Zerah Rock, a small manor on the sea where his family often vacationed. Fandel had his own loyal men who traveled with him. He sent a letter to his father announcing that he was changing his surname to Barak—the old language term for lightning—and claiming Zerah Rock as his own.

Zerah Rock was a stormy land. Its weather suited Fandel just fine. He preferred to stay indoors and work on his writings. Over time, the people of Zerah Rock became known for their intelligence. The Baraks have always educated their people regardless of social rank. They participate at court but mostly keep to themselves.

Their sigil is a bolt of lightning on a midnight-blue and black striped background.

Sir Burr Barak, Lord of Zerah Rock
      -his first wife, Princess Alondria, died from fever
            -their son, Eagan, imprisoned on Ice Island
      -his second wife, Lady Zora, House of Jaelport
             -their children:
                   -Viola, wed to Erik Livna
                   -Rigil, heir to Zerah Rock

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