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Jill Williamson | Where Adventure Comes to Life

Go Teen Writers: Write Your Novel

Jill Williamson on November 30, 2020

You have a story to tell, don’t you? Or maybe you simply want to try your hand at fiction writing. Perhaps you’ve given it your best effort, but simply didn’t have enough tools in your tool box to finish that first draft. Wherever you’re at with this novel-writing thing, popular bloggers Stephanie Morrill, Jill Williamson, and Shannon Dittemore totally understand.

They know it’s hard to finish a first draft. To stay motivated until the end. To feel like a “real” writer. They know because they’ve been there too.

In Go Teen Writers: Write Your Novel, you’ll learn:

There is no such thing as one right way to write a novel.

How to take an idea and give it a beginning, middle, and end.

What story structure means and how it strengthens a book.

Different approaches to plotting a novel.

How to develop characters worth reading about.

Strategies for creating memorable storyworlds and settings.

What theme is and how to use it to enrich your story.

What to do when your first draft is finished.

There’s no doubt about it. Learning to write a novel from beginning to end is a challenge. But with this book as your guide, you’ll see that when you’re in possession of the right tools, you’re capable of finishing what you start. You’ll be empowered and encouraged-as if you had a writing coach (or three!) sitting alongside you.

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Check out what other authors are saying!

“This is it. A go-to writing craft book I can recommend to ANY writer! Go Teen Writers: Writer Your Novel is easy to read, but rich and thorough with content. Even as a multi-published author I found myself jotting down notes, quotes, and coming away inspired to go write! From writing craft to author doubts this book covers writing from head to heart. There’s no doubt I’ll be rereading this one. An absolute must-have for all writers young, old, beginner, advanced, human or cyborg.” – NADINE BRANDES, award-winning author of Romanov, Fawkes, and the Out of Time Series

“An excellent resource full of practical tools, exercises, and encouragement that will become your guidebook to finishing a creative and unique novel. These three talented YA authors have generously shared insights and knowledge that will benefit teens and writers of all ages! You will refer to this priceless writing resource again and again!” – Lorie Langdon, author of Olivia Twist and the upcoming Disney Villains trilogy.

“Whether you’re looking for encouragement or practical advice to get you writing or editing, Go Teen Writers is the place for teens who want to connect and grow. The ladies behind the blog and the books have years of experience honing their craft and figuring out what works and what doesn’t. If you’re a young writer searching for that missing piece to help propel you forward, look no further than the resources Go Teen Writers provides.” — Sara Ella, award-winning YA author of the Unblemished trilogy and Coral

“I love goteenwriters.com! The site offers insightful instruction on the craft of writing a novel, excellent tools to help new writers learn the ropes, and a valuable sense of community. Highly recommend!” – C.J. Redwine, New York Times bestselling author of The Shadow Queen


Stephanie Morrill, Jill Williamson, and Shannon Dittemore have written a combined 30+ speculative, contemporary, and historical novels for young adults. Since 2010 their critically acclaimed website, GoTeenWriters.com, has offered honesty, community, and encouragement to teens (and not-so-teen) writers working to improve their craft. When not writing, blogging, or mom-ing, they can be found hanging out with young writers at conferences or wherever chocolate is being given away.

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