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Discussion Questions For The Kinsman Chronicles

Jill Williamson on November 12, 2015

Keep in mind, there are spoilers in these questions.

King’s Folly specific questions

Chapter One of King’s Folly begins with a scene that gives the reader a glimpse into Wilek’s childhood. What did that add to the story and why do you think the author included it? Do you have stories from your past that affect your behavior today? How do you cope with them?

Wilek opposes his father’s practice of human sacrifice yet does not give voice to his opposition for fear of losing his father’s favor. Have you ever witnessed injustice yet kept silent? If so, why?

Wilek, Janek, and Trevn all have the same father. How did their mother’s influence affect their personalities? Or did it?

Trevn isn’t fond of authority. Have you ever struggled with obedience to a parent, teacher, boss, or any other authority figure?

Why is Charlon so adamant about becoming Chieftess of Magonia? Do you know people in your life who live for their ambition? How did that work out for them?

At the beginning of the novel, Trevn, who is training as a priest, claims to worship none of the gods. What do you think about a culture that trains unbelievers as priests? What does that tell you about the Rôb priesthood? What events happened that made Trevn decide that Arman was worthy of his faith? How do you know God is real?

Sir Kalenek carries a thousand burdens. Are you carrying any burdens in your life right now? Share them with a safe person.

In Magonia, soul-binding is a way to bind two souls together. Why is this dangerous?

Trevn loves drawing maps. What creative skill did God give you? How do you use it to glorify him?

Did your first impression of any character in King’s Folly change by the end of the story? Who and why? Has that ever happened to you in real life? Are first impressions good or bad? Share your thoughts.

How does the title King’s Folly fit when you consider the rulers of the Five Realms?

Father Tomek means a lot to Trevn. Have you ever had a teacher that meant a lot to you? What was that person like? How did he or she inspire you? If you’ve never had such a teacher, what qualities would you want your mentor to have?

The mining of (banned) evenroot caused the destruction of the Five Realms. What is this a metaphor for?

Trevn calls himself a Renegade. What did you think of this? Did his Renegade ways change through the course of the story? If you think so, how?

How do you think people who don’t have Christians in their life find God?

Jeremiah 29:13 says: “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.” How does this verse describe Trevn’s journey to faith?

Why is Qoatch loyal to Jazlyn? Does she deserve such devotion? Why or why not?

Wilek tells Trevn that they have a higher calling in that their people’s happiness matters more than their own. What would it be like to live such a selfless life? Do you think you could do it? Why or why not?

Oli Agoros believed that sacrificing himself to Barthos was the only way he could escape the pull of sin in his life. How did you feel about this? What better choices could Oli have made?

King Echad believes the earthquakes are a result of the anger of Barthos, god of the soil. Have you known people who are superstitious? How can superstitions be harmful?

Hinck is subject to heavy peer pressure when he joins Sâr Janek’s retinue. How did this make you feel? Did his being a spy justify his giving in to Janek’s demands?

Wilek tries to rescue his Gran from the Five Woes, finds her injured, and offers to make Harton heal her with magic. Why is she so against this?

One of the themes of this book is how the sin of disobedience is destructive. The over-mining of evenroot contributed to the destruction of an entire land. Why do you think people are so susceptible to straying from God’s will?

What scenes from this book stick out most in your memory?

The sinkholes and earthquakes were frightening and perplexing to Wilek at first. Have you ever experienced something that shook the foundation of your life? How did you get through it?

The Kinsman Chronicles are loosely inspired by the era of Judah and Israel in the Old Testament. Why do you think so many kings during that time displeased God?

Life in Old Testament times was dark, but God was still a God of light, love, and redemption. In what ways was Arman a God of light, love, and redemption in King’s Folly? How about in King’s Blood?

What is systematic evil? In what ways does systematic evil exist in the Five Realms and even among the surviving remnant? How do you think it got that way?

How is Romans 1:18-32 a metaphor for the plot of King’s Folly?

King’s Blood specific questions

In King’s Blood, Trevn is set on learning to become a sailor from the lowest position, rather than learning to become an officer. What does that tell you about his character?

Jhorn tells Sir Kalenek that there is no reason for Sir Kalenek to keep suffering so from the memories of violence in his past, but Sir Kalenek isn’t interested. Why do you think he resists? Does he think himself beyond help? Or might it be something else? Do you know anyone who refused to get the help they needed? How did/does their decision affect their life and the lives of those around them?

After Lady Zeroah is rescued, she tells Wilek that she felt like Arman was telling her not to struggle but to rest. That if she would be still and trust him, he would fight for her. Have you ever been in a place in your life in which you needed to be still and trust God? If so, was that easy or difficult for you to do?

Wilek claims to have converted to the Armanite faith, though he tells Zeroah that he will not do so publicly while his father is so ill because it might cost him his position as Heir. Is Wilek right to keep his newfound faith a secret? Is there ever a reason to hide your faith?

Sir Kalenek makes a choice in regard to the man who he sees as a threat to Amala. Is there ever a justifiable reason to take another man’s life? Were you surprised by Sir Kalenek’s actions?

Amala is continually fixated on winning the wrong kind of man. Why do you think this is?

When the ships are sailing to the northwest, they experience smooth seas, but when they turn in any other direction, storms arise. Have you ever experienced similar phenomenon in your life? If so, how and what did you do?

Oli takes evenroot in an effort to help his king. Have you ever convinced yourself to sin for a good cause? Is such a thing even possible?

In Hinck’s role as a spy, he is obeying his prince, yet he continually finds himself in danger. How does he manage to stay true to his role and his own character? How would you cope in such a role?

When the remnant arrives in the new land, Arman gives them a new magic to combat the evil they brought to the land. What evil did they bring?

Wilek asked Sir Kalenek to stay close to Shanek as he grows with the implication that he was to kill the babe if it seemed that he might become a threat to Armania. Can you imagine how difficult such a role might be? To raise a child you might someday be forced to betray? Was Wilek right or wrong to ask such a thing of Kal?

Trevn can think of nothing but finding Mielle, to the point of disobeying Wilek. Are his priorities in the right place? Why or why not?

When Jazlyn runs out of evenroot, Gozan leaves her in search of a new human to bond with. Why does he need a human?

Why do you think Arman heals Hinck when others have died from taking so much evenroot? Was it only because Hinck asked? Or do you think there was another reason?

Why do you think Amala agreed to help Sir Kamran the first time? And when she helps him escape from prison, why does she go with him?

Randmuir the pirate orders his men to tie him up to keep him from acting upon the compulsion set over him. What does this say about his character?

Qoatch is a trained assassin. Why do you think he feels guilty about leaving the poison for Prince Ferro?

Charlon and Jazlyn form an alliance, though they are both keeping secrets from one another. Why do you think that is?

Charlon places a compulsion over Sir Kalenk in an effort to win his love. Do you think this will work? Why or why not?

Why do you think Arman would allow Wilek’s story to end the way it did?

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