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Jill Williamson | Where Adventure Comes to Life


Jill Williamson on March 4, 2009

About The Kinsman Chronicles

“Williamson (The Blood of Kings trilogy) crafts a complex and vividly portrayed epic fantasy [in King’s Folly] reminiscent of George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series but less edgy and with a Christian worldview. Loosely following the events in the Old Testament, the author depicts a society in which paganism and superstition are deeply ingrained prior to the coming of the Savior.” —Library Journal

“[King’s Folly, book one] is an intense drama of biblical proportions…Wilek, Mielle, and Trevn in particular are intriguing, and the ending leaves readers wondering what adventures await this group of young people searching for truth.”–RT Book Reviews

“Williamson’s mesmerizing writing and intriguing characters make this second series entry (after King’s Folly) a must-read for epic fantasy fans.” —Library Journal review of King’s Blood

“Readers looking for clean high fantasy reminiscent of George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series will appreciate the struggle for power within warring families that Williamson creates, with shocking complications and intense conflict.”–RT Book Reviews review of King’s Blood

About Tinker

“I read [this] to my grandson Ian (age 6). He absolutely loved it! We couldn’t put it down! He says he wants his own and everyone of the ones after this one! It is a great book! My daughter loved the way [the authors] took a fairytale and made it boyish! She loved listening to it too! Thanks for all your hard work!

“The theme of the story, recycle and create, is timely. The structure, based on the traditional Cinderella tale, is nicely paced, with lots of good action and plot twists, and the all-male cast is unusual and a welcome addition. A race with hand-built, recycled vehicles is an excellent substitute for a ball, and gives the authors the chance to include exciting specifics about piecing together machines and technology. The prize of a scholarship to the Invention Institute will hopefully let readers know that higher education can be more than just essay-writing. The book finishes with the cleverest question-and-answer pages I’ve ever seen—ones that children will actually want to fill out.  And the website ad promises even further irresistible goodies. If the contest offered 5+s, you’d be getting them.” –judge, Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards


About Captives

“I’ve read Captives and have to say I loved it and am really looking forward to Bk#2 already!! If it were available I would read BK#2 now that is how much I love, love, loved Captives, the great thing is the book really makes you think too.” –Sandra “Jeanz” from JeanzBookReadNReview

“Intriguing and slightly unsettling, Captives is a phenomenal addition to the world of dystopian literature. Jill Williamson has done it again.” –Christian Miles, teen author

“This was an intriguing book that really grabs hold of you from the first page and keeps you guessing from beginning to end. Some of the concepts reminded me of Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World and some of the Utopian concepts that are brought up in that text. This story however goes beyond this and makes you think about the humanity of this society in a whole new way. … I know I will be looking for much more form this author in the future!” –Dad of Divas’ Reviews

“Any time I pick up a book by Jill Williamson, I know to expect an adventure that’s both creative and captivating. And Captives was no exception. From the first page, Captives held me enthralled with an original plot, flesh and blood characters, heart-racing action and plenty of peril. A high-stakes dystopian novel, Captives is sure to leave readers with paper cuts from turning the pages, and begging for more when they reach the end.” –Gillian Adams, author of Out of Darkness Rising

“Expert worldbuilding and fascinating characters collide in an adventure that begs the question: What would you do if you were torn from your home and forced to adopt another culture as your own? Williamson’s characters surprised me and I can’t wait to see what they do next!” –Shannon Dittemore, author of the Angel Eyes trilogy 

“Captives is a compelling adventure about the bonds of family and love despite all obstacles, grievous mistakes, and a haunting future. Portrayed in only the way Jill Williamson can, Captives is a gut-wrenching story. I winced, I cringed, I groaned and I cheered!” –Ronie Kendig, Christy award winning and bestselling author

“Jill Williamson’s compelling young characters shine in Captives as they face a dark world beset by a lethal plague and a devastating betrayal that threatens their lives.” –R. J. Larson



About The New Recruit

“What kept me reading to discover that the plot twisted and turned was the way Spencer looked at the world. I remember saying something along a similar vein about Martyr in Replication, but Jill Williamson definitely has her male main characters pegged. She’s awesome at them. And take it from someone who is very much a girl: when an author can get me excited about what’s happening in the life of a fifteen-year-old basketball rebel (with me only wanting to throw something at him once during the whole novel), that’s a sign of true talent.” Rachelle Rea

“In my opinion, The New Recruit didn’t top Replication (a previous novel from Ms. Williamson). But it still was pretty awesome. It truly felt like I was “watching” a spy movie. If you liked any of Ms. Williamson’s previous novels you’ll enjoy this one.” –Rosie

“A can’t-put-down story of an almost-delinquent teenage young man, and his reluctant involvement with “churchers”. Intriguing look inside a young man’s mind, as he is drafted into a missionary agency similar to Interpol. Loved it! Even read the follow up, Chokepoint. Very well done.” –P. Street, from an Amazon.com review

“Fast-paced and engaging from the very first!” Faye

“Williamson’s talent only gets better with each book! This new series has that “can’t put it down” quality that she’s always got, but this one ramps up the intensity. After all, each character may be a traitor! And the main character has a lot to learn. You can’t help but turn page after page, anxiously reading to see how it all turns out. A great book for both students and adults. Williamson is simply one of the best authors out there! ” –Preacher, from an Amazon.com review

The New Recruit is a fast-paced teen spy adventure that lives past its expectations. I recommend it highly!” –Noah

About Replication: The Jason Experiment

“I read Replication and really loved it, truly! It’s a fascinating story, and Jill is a wonderfully gifted writer. Great structure, perfect pacing, and deep character development make it a novel you don’t want to miss!” Robert Liparulo, author of the Dreamhouse Kings series and The 13th Tribe

“One of the very best Christian YA books out there! Love the characters. Love the story. Love the romance. Love the way the author weaves her story. Love. Love. Love.” –Shannon Dittemore, author of Angel Eyes and Broken Wings

“Replication is a great story, full of exciting and dramatic twists. If you like suspenseful, meaningful stories, you will love this one. I highly recommend it for both adults and teens.” –Melanie Dickerson, author of Merchant’s Daughter and Healer’s Apprentice

“The mesmerizing depth of character Williamson’s readers have come to expect is woven deftly into Replication, with extra layers of gripping suspense and twisting mystery. I did not intend to stay up reading this book until the early morning hours, but that was the result.” –J.R. Parker, author of Kestrel’s Midnight Song

I’ve been looking forward to this one for a while now. Clones, a secret facility, nefarious purposes, and a very good lesson about faith, one that actually snuck up on me when I wasn’t looking. The plot has a lot of great twists and turns to it, plus a lot of excitement to keep you turning the pages. In short, if you’re looking for a great read, you can’t go wrong with Replication. –John Otte, author of Failstate

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVED Replication! Excellent job. It’s not a genre I read, and I thoroughly enjoyed every word. –Ann

Just finished and it was GREAT!!!! Wow!!! It had me from the first page. I was instantly worried about “Marty” and it really made me think about how some can even think of doing research on humans and how they can think even cloning is right or testing on them is right. A powerful book. –Terri

This book just might have turned me into a sci-fi fan. The story definitely turned me into a Jill Williamson fan. I had no idea where the next page, paragraph, word might take me. Replication is masterfully done, with enough suspense to keep me up past bedtime and enough sweetness to make me smile and laugh along with the characters. –Rachelle

This book has action, romance, suspense and …clones. Lots of them! I loved this book. I was afraid I’d be let down after reading the amazing “Blood of Kings” trilogy but Williamson did not disappoint. She took an outlandish story and made it totally believable. 5 stars! I think I have a new favorite author. –Tattie

I loved this book!! I have been following Jill Williamson’s writing since I found her Blood of King’s trilogy and read through it, and I have to say I now enjoy her writing even more! I truly enjoyed the excitement and adventure that this book has to offer and would recommend this book as a good read for them. –Anthony Crafton

I have to admit, I’m not a sci-fi fan, but a friend recommended this and all I can say is WOW!! I was awed by the creativity of the plot line, and the clone’s reaction to the real world made for wonderful laugh-out-loud humor. This is a book teens will love, and adults will steal from them to read. –Dyan

Edge of the seat thriller! Non-stop action, a No. 1 YA (young adult) treat. –Bill Tillman


About By Darkness Hid and the Blood of Kings Trilogy

“I was hooked from the first page. I could not put it down. I was not even half way through and I knew that I had to get the next two books. I highly recommend this book.” —Lacy, from an Amazon.com review

“This thoroughly entertaining and smart tale will appeal to fans of Donita K. Paul and J.R.R. Tolkien. Highly recommended for CF and fantasy collections.” —Library Journal

“I love the fantasy genre, and your novel was an enthralling masterpiece.” —Eric Soo, 13

“Kings, politics, orphans (called strays), knights, squires, bloodvoicing (mind reading), darkness, and light. This book is packed full of everything you could possibly ask for.”  —Janna Ryan, Featured review, USA Today Faith & Reason Book Club Blog

I finished your book, and my sister read it too. You kept both of us up late reading it. I LOVED IT! It’s so cool! I really like Jax. Vrell and Achan are amazing!”  —Rachel Aldrich, 17

“Wonderfully written with a superb plot, this book is a sure-fire hit with almost any reader. An adventure tale with a touch of romance and enough intrigue to keep the pages turning practically by themselves.” —Voice of Youth Advocates

“Holy cow! I am in awe right now of Jill Williamson’s phenomenal book, By Darkness Hid. Let me put it to you this way. I’m a fast reader. I always have been. And how fast I read is directly proportional to how much I enjoy what I’m reading. I do believe I devoured this 490 page book in approximately 24 hours.” —John Otte

“It is rare to come across a book in the fantasy genre that has such an organic feel….Once in awhile there comes along an author who takes classic fantasy plot contrivances and breathes new life into them.” —Church Libraries, Fall 2009

“I love a good fantasy, and By Darkness Hid more than fits the bill. With an unpredictable plot, twists of supernatural ability, and finely crafted tension between the forces of good and evil, Jill Williamson’s book had me captivated. I jumped into the skin of the heroine and enjoyed her journey as if it were my own.”  —Donita K. Paul, author of the Dragon Keeper Chronicles: DragonSpell, DragonQuest, DragonKnight, DragonFire, and DragonLight.

“By Darkness Hid: Blood of Kings, Book One, if FANTASTIC!!! I loved it! I began it in the morning, and could not stop. I finished it in a day and was blown away by your descriptive writing and your complex and real characters. It is truly an enticing and entertaining work of fanciful fiction which also has the ability to proclaim His glory. I am a very big fan of Jack Cavanaugh and Leif Enger, but after reading your novel I believe you have most certainly earned the title role of my new favorite Christian author. Please continue to use the talent God has given you as you are obviously blessed! I have told all of my friends about your book, and hope to hear them sing the same praises for it.” —Stephanie Larson, 18

“Jill Williamson is a major arrival. She presents characters full of mystery, and leaves room for plenty of further exploration. By Darkness Hid is a fast-paced addition to the world of swords and sorcery, using a backdrop of political and spiritual intrigue to heighten the tension. When readers begin lining up for the sequel, you’ll find me at the front of the line.”  —Eric Wilson, author of Field of Blood and Haunt of Jackals

“By Darkness Hid is not fine—it’s great! I loved it. And not once did it bore me. It’s full of adventure and romance, with unique characters you sympathize for. It makes you wish you could go back in time and live through a culture full of danger and mysteries. I just wanted to keep reading more and more.”   —Cosette Luque, age 17

“I just may have a new favorite fantasy series. By Darkness Hid is captivating and unpredictable, with numerous well-foreshadowed twists. This is my kind of story. For those who are drawn to epic fantasy or classic fantasy, this is a must read. For everyone else, I highly recommend By Darkness Hid.”  —Rebecca LuElla Miller, Administrator, Christian Science Fiction and Fantasy Blog Tour

“By Darkness Hid had me arguing with my mom as I wanted to stay up all night to read it. Now anytime I think about knights, Jill’s book comes to mind. I enjoyed reading it so much, and I cannot wait to read the next one!”  —Keegan Pearson, age 13 

“By Darkness Hid is the kind of fantasy that should be on Christian bookstore shelves everywhere. Fascinating and complete. If you like fantasy novels at all, you owe it to yourself to get hold of this one. I can’t wait to explore it further. Highly Recommended.” —Christian Fiction Review 

“No! That can’t be it! You’d better make a sequel. I was so into it. I loved it all! I didn’t think you could just end it right there. Please write more! This was a great read.”  —Querida, age 16

“Wow…what a great start! Author Jill Williamson pulls the reader into this saga so completely that waiting for the rest of the series to be published will be agony indeed. Witty. Snappy. Humorous. By Darkness Hid is definitely a jewel in the crown of Marcher Lord Press. Be sure to pick up this title for a great read.” —Michelle Griep, author of Gallimore

“An imaginative fantasy—different from everything you’ve read before. You’ll cheer for strong, independent Vrell, and wince each time poor Achan is mistreated and misunderstood. I’m anxiously awaiting the next installment!”  —Debbie Maxwell Allen

“Reminiscent of Shakespeare’s romantic method of hiding his heroine in the guise of a man, Jill Williamson has taken her fantasy, By Darkness Hid, and filled it with twists and turns.  Both hero and heroine are characters that will remain in my heart for a long time. Having swordplay, mental powers, romance, and a thrilling new take on the term “royal blood”, I completely enjoyed this book.”  —M. C. Pearson, Director of FIRST (Fiction in Rather Short Takes) Wild Card Tours Blog Alliance

“By Darkness Hid is a compelling debut fantasy novel which beautifully illustrates the battle between good and evil. For someone who is not normally a fantasy reader, this story not only kept me riveted to the pages, but anxious about the ourcome as well. Ms. Williamson really knows how to keep a reader’s attention by putting her characters into impossible situations. The only fantasy author besides Williamson who can hold my attention and keep it for the duration of the story is Stephen Lawhead. I am anxiously awaiting the next installment in this series.” —Michelle Sutton, author of the YA novel, It’s Not About Me, Editor-in-Chief of Christian Fiction Online Magazine

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