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By Darkness Hid Curriculum Guide

Mary Agius helped me put together a homeschool curriculum guide for By Darkness Hid. Mary is the coauthor of the homeschool curriculum that goes with Jeff Gerke’s Art & Craft of Writing Christian Fiction Workbook. She and I are working on creating homeschool guides for books two and three. As of right now, this is […]


CLICK HERE to download By Darkness Hid-Episode 16 Vrell begins training with Macoun Hadar and discovers some mysterious things about him.

Fun to Look at Old Emails

As I was searching for something in my email archives, I found this old message that I had written to my critique group. It was dated Monday, December 17, 2007. In this email I had just started to write Bloodvoices, which became By Darkness Hid. And to do so, I had put aside writing Jason Farms, my […]

Creepy Caves: My Inspiration for the Caves in the Blood of Kings Trilogy

In book one, By Darkness Hid, Vrell, Jax, and Khai travel down an underground hot springs river to avoid the Eben giants in Nahar Forest above. A reekat upsets their boat, and they swim to a nearby cave and meet Peripaso. I learned a good deal about creepy caves from my friend Marion, who visited […]

My Adventure Making Blood of Kings Banners

When my online reader/writer friends made a live-action book trailer for To Darkness Fled, I wanted to do something nice to thank them. They all had my books already, so that was out. Then an idea came to me. I could make them each a medieval banner for the city the character was from that […]

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