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Hunger Cover Reveal!

Jill Williamson on January 21, 2021

When I decided to indie publish the Thirst Duology, I hired Emily Hendryx to design me two book covers: one for Thirst and one for Hunger. The cover for Thirst I released pretty much right away. The cover for Hunger I’ve been hiding all this time! And I FINALLY get to share it with you all. Isn’t it gorgeous?

Scroll down to find the link to add Hunger to your Goodreads account and the link to view the pre-order page on Amazon.com.

Here is the book description for Hunger:



In the wake of a pandemic, Eli and his friends find a thriving community that offers free housing, food, and thankfully, safe drinking water. But something is amiss. The residents spend most their time partying and attending concerts. No one seems concerned that the virus is still out there. When Eli tries to leave, he discovers a fence has been built to keep him, and everyone else, inside.

Hannah is tired of running. When she is conscripted to work in the hospital, she hopes she’s finally found a place to belong, but Admin’s disregard for a doctor’s pledge to “First do no harm” is unsettling.

As Hannah starts to wonder if she will ever be safe again, Eli clings to his hope for freedom. In a world filled with lies, can they learn to trust each other? Or will their hunger for safety trap them in a world that’s not so safe after all?


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Also… Don’t they look gorgeous together? ♥♥♥



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