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King’s Folly Fan Art

Jill Williamson on March 20, 2018

You guys, I received this gorgeous King’s Folly fan art from Rebeka Borshevsky. Is she talented, or what? I love, love, love the hairstyles.

How accurate do these appear to the characters you pictured in your heads as you read the book?


3 responses to “King’s Folly Fan Art”

  1. Kristen Johnson says:

    Nice job, Rebeka!!

  2. Lavay Byrd says:

    When I first read the series, I wasn’t didn’t realize that the characters to be my complexion (brown-skinned). Then I saw the descriptions, and then Onika. My mind was blown!

    Being so used to reading fantasy where the main characters are “Caucasian”, this was such a surprise and a treat!

    I had to keep changing how I “pictured” the characters every time I read this! LOL!

    This image definitely helps!

    Could we see Kal and Onika? There my second favorite characters! And Grayson?

    Fabulously well-done!

    • I’m glad you figured it out, Lavay! So many readers are surprised when I show pictures of the people I used for inspiration. Like for Trevn, I use pictures of Alfie Enoch. I did describe my characters, though. I think most readers just picture themselves, or something. And since the book covers were logos, that also made it hard for people to imagine what the characters look like. The same is true for my other books. To me, Achan was always dark skinned, like a native from Brazil. I wanted him to have a Hispanic complexion. But everything tells me he looks like the guy on the book cover. So that’s who he has become. All that to say, I LOVED this fan art so much because she was paying close attention to the descriptions in my book, and that made me happy!

      These were the only sketches she sent me. I pictured Kal sort of like this: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/76/51/b4/7651b49d8eeb9aa9509eaf1aadeb86b9.jpg

      My Onika inspiration came from Amanda Seyfried, though I think I first like the image on the cover of Les Miserables, of the girl with the bright blue eyes and the dirty face.

      Grayson was a boy in our youth group at the time. And I based my character of his personality, though I did have a few pics of him on my character board. As he grew up, I pictured him like like the guy who plays Bandon in the Shannara Chronicles, but with gray skin. 😉

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