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Filming the From Darkness Won Trailer

I’m in St. Louis at the home of a very kind and generous family. This is the home base for filming the book trailer for From Darkness Won. We’ve filmed scenes in a vineyard, a cave, a field of horses,  a park with a castle in it, a green screen room downstairs, and more. I’m […]

My Eowyn/Duchess Amal Gown… So Far

I’ve been sewing a gown to wear for the upcoming filming of the From Darkness Won book trailer. I get to play a small part in this trailer as Duchess Amal, Vrell’s mom. So I needed a dress. I had already planned to try and make Eowyn’s green dress from the Two Towers movie. I had […]

From Darkness Won- Paperback Now on

The paperback version of From Darkness Won is now up on Amazon! Sweet! Click here or on the cover to see the page. It’s showing up at regular price, and should go one sale in a few weeks. So, if you can’t wait, it’s there, but if you can wait…a sale price is coming. […]

Storyworld Detail: Ivory Creepers

When Vrell and her companions travel through the Nahar Tunnels to avoid the Eben giants, Peripaso supplies them with creepers to wear on their feet to help them climb in the icy tunnels. Creepers were used by Inupiat people. Carved from ivory and attached to leather thongs, they were tied to the bottom of the […]

From Darkness Won Available on the Nook

From Darkness Won is now available on the Nook! Click on the cover to go there.

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