Jill Williamson | Where Adventure Comes to Life

Jill Williamson | Where Adventure Comes to Life

Filming the From Darkness Won Trailer

Jill Williamson on September 22, 2011

I’m in St. Louis at the home of a very kind and generous family. This is the home base for filming the book trailer for From Darkness Won. We’ve filmed scenes in a vineyard, a cave, a field of horses,  a park with a castle in it, a green screen room downstairs, and more. I’m […]

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My Eowyn/Duchess Amal Gown… So Far

Jill Williamson on September 14, 2011

I’ve been sewing a gown to wear for the upcoming filming of the From Darkness Won book trailer. I get to play a small part in this trailer as Duchess Amal, Vrell’s mom. So I needed a dress. I had already planned to try and make Eowyn’s green dress from the Two Towers movie. I had […]

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From Darkness Won- Paperback Now on Amazon.com

Jill Williamson on April 20, 2011

The paperback version of From Darkness Won is now up on Amazon! Sweet! Click here or on the cover to see the Amazon.com page. It’s showing up at regular price, and should go one sale in a few weeks. So, if you can’t wait, it’s there, but if you can wait…a sale price is coming. […]

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Storyworld Detail: Ivory Creepers

Jill Williamson on April 15, 2011

When Vrell and her companions travel through the Nahar Tunnels to avoid the Eben giants, Peripaso supplies them with creepers to wear on their feet to help them climb in the icy tunnels. Creepers were used by Inupiat people. Carved from ivory and attached to leather thongs, they were tied to the bottom of the […]

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From Darkness Won Available on the Nook

Jill Williamson on April 7, 2011

From Darkness Won is now available on the Nook! Click on the cover to go there.

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Release Day, Release Day, Release Day! And Sale, too.

Jill Williamson on April 1, 2011

Happy April Fools Day, everyone! And happy From Darkness Won (Blood of Kings, book 3) release day! You can order the paperback version of From Darkness Won on the Marcher Lord Press site at this link. And the Kindle version of From Darkness Won is available here. And click on the image to purchase the […]

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Final Cover for From Darkness Won

Jill Williamson on March 10, 2011

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From Darkness Won: Chapter One

Jill Williamson on March 9, 2011

Get the little pilfering prince! The soldier’s wooden blade whipped towards Achan’s face. He lunged back a step in his heavy armor and threw up his guard. The wasters scraped overhead. His body ached, right thigh still sore from where Esek had stabbed him with Ôwr, right shoulder tender from the cham bear’s teeth. Achan […]

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Some Interesting Facts I Learned about Horses

Jill Williamson on March 4, 2011

Here are some pictures of what Achan’s horses from the Blood of Kings trilogy look like, along with some interesting facts I learned about the animals. *You mount on the left side of the horse. *You can steer with the reins, but most horses can take signals from your legs alone. Type of Movement and […]

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The Medieval Blacksmith

Jill Williamson on February 25, 2011

What did a medieval blacksmith do? Did he only make swords? While I’m sure that there were some who made swords specifically, most blacksmiths would have crafted whatever a paying customer wanted, be that door latches, hinges, horseshoes, pokers, pitchforks, tools, bakeware, nails, swords, weapons, shackles, chain, wire, sconces, and toys. If they were good […]

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