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Jill Williamson | Where Adventure Comes to Life

From Darkness Won is Now Available in Audiobook!

Jill Williamson on June 1, 2021

It has been just over two years from when I first launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to produce audiobooks for the Blood of Kings trilogy, and we are finally there! The third audiobook is up at digital stores now, and I have completely finished the CDs as well! 
I’m SO EXCITED for you to listen to Gillian’s amazing narration of this final book. I laughed out loud several times and wept a few times too. I adore how Gillian made these stories come to life in a new way. I hope you all enjoy these books in this new format as much as I did!
Here are some links to From Darkness Won at various ebook stores for those of you who have subscriptions and want to get your audiobook that way:








Audio CDs

CD versions will soon be available through Amazon.com and my online author bookstore, but they won’t be ready to go until this summer. I will keep you posted.


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