Jill Williamson | Where Adventure Comes to Life

Jill Williamson | Where Adventure Comes to Life

Happy Birthday, Storyworld First! (And a giveaway, too…)

Jill Williamson on September 1, 2020

Today, Storyworld First is six years old! I titled the book as I did because the storyworld is almost always the first thing I think about when writing a new story. Some people are character first novelists. Some are plot first novelists. I’m a storyworld first novelist. Another thing to note about the way I […]

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By Darkness Hid Audio Book

Jill Williamson on May 2, 2020

It is been a long road, but we have an audio book for By Darkness Hid! It is absolutely awesome. Gillian Bronte Adams has worked so hard to recording and edit audio files for this book. She also does an incredible job with all the different voices. Her talent will absolutely sweep listeners away! The […]

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My son built me a new website!

Jill Williamson on

I loved my old website, but it was old and didn’t have mobile capabilities. I knew it was time for a new site, but such things are daunting. Last year my son said he could build it, but he’s been super busy with school and robotics and was never able to. Until he had to […]

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Writing Wednesday Assignment #1: Draw a Map

Jill Williamson on March 18, 2020

Hi, everyone! I’ve been inspired to make the most of the situation we are in and do what I can to inspire others. Millions of children and teens (and teachers!) are suddenly out of school for weeks on end, including my own kiddos. I am posting challenges each day in my Instagram Stories–simple things that […]

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Thirst Release Day!

Jill Williamson on November 21, 2019

Happy Thirst-day, everyone! Eight years ago I wrote chapter one of the story that became Thirst. I was working on a dystopian story (which became Captives), but I was struggling to understand the storyworld I was trying to build. I needed an origins story. A story about what happened to create this dystopian future. That’s where Thirst came […]

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I Have Book News and a Chance to Win Free Books!

Jill Williamson on August 27, 2019

THIRST, my upcoming post-apocalyptic YA novel, releases in November, and I need your help to start spreading the word! It all starts with the cover reveal on September 24, and I’ve added a bookish giveaway to thank everyone for participating. First, here’s a little bit about THIRST: A waterborne disease has sprung up in every […]

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The Blood of Kings Hardcover Books Have Arrived! Plus… A Kickstarter Update: We Met Our First Stretch Goal!

Jill Williamson on April 25, 2019

If you haven’t been following the Kickstarter campaign for the Blood of Kings audio books, amazing things have been happening! Within the first twelve hours you guys raised the $2500 to fund the By Darkness Hid audio book. I was floored! And over the past few weeks we’ve now surpassed the $5000 mark, reaching our […]

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Ebook Sale

Jill Williamson on March 1, 2019

Today only, the ebooks of Storyworld First and Punctuation 101 are .99 each. Click on the links below to find the book in each store. Want more books? Click here to see eight more writing crafts books that are on sale each for .99 too! Check out the image below to see what’s on sale.

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EPIC Blood of Kings Sale–40% off the paperback prices

Jill Williamson on December 7, 2018

It’s a book sale! My publisher has put the Blood of Kings paperback books on a special sale. On Amazon only, By Darkness Hid, To Darkness Fled, and From Darkness Won are each only $9.99 for a limited time. That’s a little over 40% off the cover price!   There is a bit of a […]

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Punctuation 101 is here!

Jill Williamson on October 2, 2018

Punctuation 101 is here at last! This is a book for fiction writers. This is a handy reference that you can keep close by so you don’t have to page through the massive Chicago Manual of Style, which I love, but that index alone is twenty-nine pages long! Trust me. I used it as a […]

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