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Our New Book Magic Hunters Has Launched

Jill Williamson on July 15, 2021

It’s here! Kindle Vella has finally launched to the public, and with it, our new serial novel Magic Hunters has launched as well. “Our” meaning me and Brad (my husband).

Magic Hunters is a fairytale mashup. Kind of like a young adult Land of Stories. Brad wrote the first drafts, and I’m revising them for Vella. Here is the description for the first book in what will be a trilogy:

Hunter, the son of the huntsman who nearly killed Snow White, is tired of the shame that labels his family. In desperation, he makes a wish upon a magic mirror, accidentally unleashing a curse that eradicates magic from the Story Realms. In order to right the wrong, Hunter sets out on an epic quest to find a wizard who can restore the magic that was lost and return the Story Realms to normal.

You can access Magic Hunters either on Amazon.com in the Kindle Vella department or you can open the Kindle App and search for the story there. For now the story will only be available on the Amazon website and the app, and only in America. Sorry! For those of you who only read paperback, it will release in that format next year. The full book will also be available on Kindle at that time, as well.

Here’s How it Works:
You can read the first three episodes free either on your computer or on your phone/device in the Kindle App. Also, currently Amazon is gifting people 200 tokens just for sampling any serial. I just read the first three chapters of my friend’s serial, then used some of my free 200 tokens to keep reading chapter four. (Amazon offers you the option of getting the free tokens after you’ve read the free chapters.)

After the first three episodes, each of the following episodes cost a different amount of tokens based on word count. My chapters are longer, so they cost around 49 tokens. There will be 20 chapters in this book. My guess is the total investment to read Magic Hunters will be somewhere between $5 to $7—if you use your 200 free tokens on the story. I’m not finished with the book yet, so that could change if I decide to add or delete a chapter.

How you can help Magic Hunters get more readers:

READ THE FIRST THREE CHAPTERS FREE: Remember, the first three chapters are free, so you can go read them now.

FOLLOW: When you click to Follow a book, you will get updates when that book posts new chapters. There are currently five chapters of Magic Hunters published. I will be posting a new chapter every Wednesday.

LIKES: After each chapter, you can click the thumbs up button to “like” that chapter. The more likes a book has, the better chance it has of finding new readers.

CROWNS: You can add one crown a week to serial books you like best, but you can only do this if you purchase tokens. This is a feature for paying customers to help rank popular books. So, if you like Magic Hunters and decide to continue reading, then you can choose to give it a crown, which will make Brad and I dance around the house like kids at Disneyland. Crowns are even better than likes since books with lots of crowns get featured on the Kindle Vella home page.

REVIEWS: You can write book reviews for Kindle Vella books just like you would for any other book on Amazon.com. Reviews are really important to helping readers decide what to read next.

Likes and Crowns means that people are finding the book and reading it, which is a very good thing!

Magic Hunters on Goodreads

Magic Hunters is also on Goodreads. I have yet to do the official cover reveal, so you won’t see the orange storm cloud image there. I will be posting regular updates on the serial, so you can add the book to your To Read list, and you’ll see my update posts in your Goodreads feed. Here is the link:

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