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I Started a Patreon Page

Jill Williamson on October 5, 2021

How do you be brave?

I’ve never had a problem trying new things. Whether or not I showed my creations to another human is a different story. As an introvert, I wore caution like a suit of armor. I knew I could do anything I wanted to, but I also had to be careful. Rejection pierced my protective armor and wounded my very soul. Still, if someone said “You can’t do ____,” I would do everything in my power to do just that. I have always been a very determined person, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t afraid.

Years ago, a website called Patreon opened for artists to grow a community of supporters. I loved the idea. (Everyone wanted my books for free, and I couldn’t pay my bills!) But I was chicken. Back then, I didn’t know how to value my art. (Which is why I was always giving it away.) I barely knew how to value myself. The introvert in me flailed at the idea of putting myself out there in such a vulnerable way. I wanted to do it. I made an account. But I never went live. Too often in my life, I’ve let fear keep me from doing something I wanted to do. Patreon was one of those times.
Recently, many of you have written to say you can’t read on Kindle Vella for a various reasons. As it turns out, Amazon allows authors to publish their stories in one other location: Patreon. Since over the years I’ve learned to be bold for myself and my art, I decided it was time to open Patreon as another avenue for readers to find my work. Patreon won’t be for everyone, but for some of you, it will fit just right.

What is Patreon, you ask? It’s a subscription platform that helps artists earn a monthly income by providing rewards and perks to their subscribers. It’s a way to gather my most devoted readers in one place and shower them with all the books and all the fun. Plus, getting readers to invest in my books up front will help me pay for editing, covers, and audio book productoion.
Patreon is a way to preorder every book I write in advance, to read them before anyone else, and to be part of my innermost circle of readers. Yes, I’ll still likely still offer ARCs in other places, but Patreon subscribers will be first, always.

I’m deeply grateful to those who have supported me over the years. Since I began, I’ve grown so much as a writer and a human. I’ve learned to take risks when I need to and not only when they’re a sure thing.

You can read a detailed list of the benefits for each level on my Patreon page, but I’ve pasted the gist of each below. And if you have questions about how Patreon works or want to share how you’ve been taking risks in your life, send me a message. I’d love to cheer you on!

I created three subscription levels.

For $1 a month ($12 a year)

You can read all the serials as I write them. So far, that’s going to be _Magic Hunters_, book one, and starting in November, _Onyx Eyes_, book one. But this will also include whatever I write after that.

For $3 a month ($36 a year)

You can read all the serials as I write them. You will get a 10% off discount in my author bookstore. You will also get digital advance reader copies of any book I release as I publish when it becomes available.

For $5 a month ($60 a year)

You can read all the serials as I write them. You will get digital advance reader copies of any book I publish that year. You will get a 20% off discount in my author bookstore. And you will also get a signed paperback or hard cover (if available) of any book I release when it becomes available.

Note: Serial-wise, you won’t be able to read Onyx Eyes on Patreon until November 3 after I’ve published the final chapter of Magic Hunters.

Any questions?

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