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Jill Williamson | Where Adventure Comes to Life

The Me You See Release Day!

Jill Williamson on August 3, 2021

It’s release day for The Me You See! My little work-for-hire project is out in the world.

In 2019, I’d been accepted to grad school to earn my teaching credential. Since I wouldn’t be able to substitute teach, I was worried how our family was going to pay the bills for the next two years. Then a little project fell into my lap that totally provided. A work-for-hire book from Focus on the Family and Tyndale House. I’d never written for hire before, but I signed on, so thankful for the opportunity and answered prayer. (God is good.♥)

I worked with editor Lissa Halls Johnson and three other writers to develop a 4-book contemporary series for teen girls. The series would follow four friends, and we’d each write a book in their point of view. Each book also needed to deal with an issue relevant to teens today, and we talked those out in our group meetings until we figured out who would write what.

I’m proud of this little story! It’s about a girl named Izzy, whose personality I stole from my daughter Kaitlyn, who helped immensely with this book. (The wild leggings and cupcake baking are all her.) I also fell in love with Izzy’s wonderful family. I don’t know if Focus and Tyndale will want to continue the series, but I wouldn’t be sad to have the chance to write more stories about Izzy.

Here’s the story:

Winter break is usually Izzy’s favorite time of year, but this year all it does is make her feel lonely. She adores her brother Sebastian, but she’s stuck at home taking care of him ALL. THE. TIME. And her squad―her friends from Drama I―are too busy with their own exciting plans to get together with her. So of course her phone is her lifeline!

Izzy creates and posts videos of her amazing, to-die-for cupcake creations on her Instagram account. AND she stays connected with her squad. At least she would . . . if any of them bothered to text her back. Seriously, how hard is it to text back? But then school starts up again and Zac, the dreamy senior she’s been crushing on for months, starts texting her. But her friends are less than thrilled. If they could only see Zac like she does―he’s really a great guy! Then everything would be perfect.

If you’d like a copy, you can purchase signed copies of this paperback from me in my author store or buy the book online.

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