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Hunger is Here!

Jill Williamson on April 8, 2021

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Today is the day! Hunger, book two in the Thirst Duology, releases into the reading world!

This is what I call a soft book release, which pretty much means I put the book out there and don’t do too much work to promote it. No book tour. No blog tour. No in-person signings. No interviews with Oprah or Ellen. Since I’m working full-time as a fifth grade teacher, publishing this book was a major feat in and of itself, and I am super proud and happy to see it out there where people can read it.

A couple things.

First, I am going to have two very low-key, back-to-back online “parties” tomorrow! I’m going to hang out with my readers for one hour over on Facebook, then pop over to Instagram for another hour and hang out there. My husband and daughter are going to “host” me. There will be Q&A time. There will be some giveaways. It will be a couple hours of bookish, online fun. I hope you can join me! Here is the information:

Hunger Book Release Party


Facebook from 5-6 PM (Pacific): Click here to join the fun.

Instagram from 6-7 PM (Pacific): Click here to follow me.

Second, I don’t know if you remember, but this book started as part of a Go Teen Writers teaching series called #WeWriteBooks. I spent most of 2016 sharing with the young writers at GoTeenWriters.com my process of taking a book from concept to completion. I’m an example girl, so to teach this, I decided to use the idea for Thirst as an example for each step in the writing process. Part of that included blogging the book one chapter a week on this blog. You can still find the blogged chapters in my  archives, if you search. It was because of that blog series and the feedback the teen readers gave me that I realized Thirst needed to be two books instead of one.

All that to say, I am so grateful to the teens (many who are now young adults) who have frequented the Go Teen Writers blog over the years. Talking to you about writing has been a joy, and this duology is a wonderful side effect of all the wonder that happens at GoTeenWriters.com. To those who went out of their way to read Thirst on this blog and help me with this story, I am so grateful. This little duology exists because of you. Thank you.

I do hope you all get a change to read Thirst and Hunger. They are prequels to my Safe Lands trilogy, but they stand fine on their own too. I will miss writing about Eli and Hannah, Zach, Lizzie, and Logan. I hope you enjoy their adventure as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Here are the links for Hunger! Enjoy!



Eli and his friends arrive at the Safe Water Mountain Refuge and find the community in an unending state of celebration. Until someone dies. When the residents realize that the disease that killed most of the world’s population has mutated, panic ensues.  Rules are established to keep people safe. Eli wants to leave, but the administration has built a fence to keep people in. Only one thing is certain. This “safe land” is not so safe after all.

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