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Jill Williamson | Where Adventure Comes to Life

The Blood of Kings Hardcover Books Have Arrived! Plus… A Kickstarter Update: We Met Our First Stretch Goal!

Jill Williamson on April 25, 2019

If you haven’t been following the Kickstarter campaign for the Blood of Kings audio books, amazing things have been happening! Within the first twelve hours you guys raised the $2500 to fund the By Darkness Hid audio book. I was floored!

And over the past few weeks we’ve now surpassed the $5000 mark, reaching our first stretch goal to fund the To Darkness Fled audio book. That means we will for sure have audio books of the first two books. We are now working toward the stretch goal for book three. And we have eight days left! Come support this project. This will be the best time to lock in a deal for all three Blood of Kings audio books at the $25 support level. That’s $8.33 per audio book. What a deal!

Also, the test set of the limited 10 year anniversary edition Blood of Kings trilogy (finally!) arrived, and they look amazing. I am so excited. Here is a video of me showing them off.

I think they look fabulous. Like I said in the video, I need to make some adjustments to them so that they will be perfect for those of you who backed at the hardcover book level!

These hard covers will only be available as part of this Kickstarter campaign, so if you want a set of these pretties, you can order your limited edition hard cover books on the Kickstarter home page.

International readers, I have them listed as USA only, but if you really want to order a set, please email me and we can talk about shipping costs. I’m working with a few international people on this already.

Thanks for your support, everyone. Keep on reading!

4 responses to “The Blood of Kings Hardcover Books Have Arrived! Plus… A Kickstarter Update: We Met Our First Stretch Goal!”

  1. Elisa says:

    Is there any way to get a copy of these hardcover editions now? Will you be doing another set of limited editions anytime soon??

    • Elisa, I’m sorry! The hardcovers were a special thing for the Kickstarter last year. I don’t own the rights to print them, so my publisher gave me permission only for that event.

  2. Maria Janowiak says:

    That’s so sad. I only learned about these books a month or two ago and I’m seriously bummed I can’t get one of these sets…but I understand. šŸ˜‰

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